Mission Statement
Actor Awareness is a campaign fighting for more equality, diversity and working class talent in the arts and aims to provide a community and voice for these disenfranchised groups.
Our passion is to inspire talent from all backgrounds. Also to create a community of people to share and create work in a safe environment.
As part of this mission we also create artistic opportunities and other support for actors, writers and directors who may have faced barriers in the industry

                        Tom Stocks: Founder

     Stephanie Silver: Executive Producer

Our Work

Actor Awareness has been established for 3 years.  The campaign has rapidly gathered support from all corners of the industry. The response has been overwhelming. Reports of our work has been in The Guardian, The Stage, ITV News, BBC Radio, Sky News and more. The campaign has grown from strength to strength over the past year, with us forming a partnership with Spotlight.  We have sat on various panels giving industry talks, these include Equity, Art School, BeCo Rep, The Acting Up Campaign in parliament by The Labour Party, London Writers Week and more. We were heavily involved in The Labour Party campaign with us sitting in their evidence sessions in the House Of Commons, providing feedback and being quoted in final documents.

As part of this Campaign, Actor Awareness initiated an important documentary about the barriers that working class talent face in the industry. Dee and Mike O’Neil, from Inside Film, have collaborated with Actor Awareness to create an award winning documentary which features high profile actors and supporters including Maxine Peake, Christopher Eccleston, Julie Hesmondhalgh. This is currently being toured in various cinemas around the country, each screening is followed by a Q and A by the directors, cast members and Tom Stocks. Below are links to all the upcoming screenings around the UK and Europe, also some links to some of the incredible reviews we have received.
Salford Star:The Acting Class is unashamedly turning heads, proudly working class and totally unmissable'
Morning Star: "This is a ground-breaking and passionately argued documentary"
Counter Fire:  ‘A necessary declaration of intent from working class actors’

New Writing Scratch Nights
For two years now Actor Awareness has been presenting new writing nights with set themes tackling a wide spectrum of issues covering equality and diversity. This includes class, race, gender, mental health, LGBTQ and more. This ensures a wide range of topics are discussed and we are sourcing important, topical and socially relevant stories. When selecting the scripts we source plays that don’t stereotype or discriminate allowing artists to break away from stereotypical roles and castings.
From these scratch nights we pay the creatives involved Equity Minimum, as on the fringe circuit this is very rare. We also only advertise our casting calls via social media, therefore people do not have to subscribe to fee paying sites that exclude a wide range of people. This creates a more accessible route into the industry and we often give people their first credits.  We are keen for new talent emerging in the industry to not be excluded due to financial constraints with opportunities such as this.
Actor Awareness also plays a strategic and crucial role in supporting, guiding and mentoring artists with their work.

Supported plays/productions
As a result of these scratch nights, Actor Awareness has helped support many new pieces of work - extended from the 15 minutes to full length productions – which have gone on to perform in the professional sector.
Some of these include:
‘The Staffroom’ by Michelle Payne, Theatre N16/Queens Hornchurch and Edinburgh 2017
‘Speci-Man’ by Jayne Woodhouse. Canal café and The Fatsoma, Guildford 2017
‘The Monologues of a Tired Nurse’ by Stephanie Silver.. Edinburgh 2016/Barons Court Theatre 2017/ Wandsworth and Camden Fringe 2017.
‘Our Big Love Story’ by Stephanie Silver. The Hope Theatre, Barons Court Theatre, The Courtyard- 2018- Mulitple 4 star reviews
‘Birth of a Nation’ by Dave House. SlamX 2016/Theatre N16 2016
‘Worsooz’ by Catherine kay Barons Court theatre 2017, our 1st published play
‘Come Die With Me’ by Vicky Connerty. The Vaults 2017/ Barons Court 2017
‘C’est La Vie’ by Stephanie Silver. Barons Court 2017/TheatreN16 2017/ Mulitple 4-star reviews.
‘Delete’ by Nina Millns- RADA Festival, Barons Court Theatre- 2018
‘Owls’ by Jayne Woodland- Barons Court, Rialto Theatre – 2018- Multiple 4 and 5 star reviews.
New Writing Festival
Actor Awareness has also presented three new writing festivals at Theatre N16 in 2016 and Barons Court Theatre in 2017 & 2018. The festival took 15 minute pieces chosen from our scratch nights and then each writer was given a month to prepare a one hour show. This is a great learning curve for actors to become proactive drivers of their own careers, for writers to work on deadlines and give them a goal to achieve and also offer that stepping stone into the industry by celebrating their new work. Our festivals run over one week with two one hour shows each evening. We invite industry professionals and other theatres to be present, so all involved have the opportunity to further their careers.  All companies receive 100% of box office takings. The shows within the festival have received multiple 4 & 5 star reviews, also a number of them have gone on to do more runs in other theatres.

New initiatives
Other new initiatives we have started include Film nights hosted at Spotlight Studios. These are run in the same format as the new writing nights but we source emerging filmmakers to showcase their shorts. We have also set up a sister company called Writer Awareness which is aimed at up and coming writers. We run workshops where writers bring in a piece of writing they are working on, their work gets read out loud to a professional writer, where they offer feedback on how to progress the piece and what to do next. We have had writers such as Anna Jordon and Olivier winning writer Jon Brittain. This workshop is for writers of all stages of their careers, from beginner to professional. We also have a partnership with a publishing company called Pen Works Media who run workshops for writers just starting out. In the last year we have expanded outside of London and into Manchester with our workshops. We want to replica the success of Actor Awareness in the regions beginning with Manchester which is our founders home town.

Industry Supporters/Partners
Canal Café
London Southbank university
Barons Court theatre
Theatre N16
Bread and Roses Theatre
Arts Emergency
Louise Coles – Arts Consultant/Management (ex CEO of the Actors Centre)
Adam Morley
New Wonder Management
Pen Works Media
Inside Film
BBC Writers Room

Reference Links