Monday, 5 March 2018

Womens Night

We started 2018 with a bang with our Class Night. We had 4 phenomenal pieces of new writing, now it's time for our next opportunity. So with everything going on in the industry at the moment and the traumers women have to go through day in day out, our next theme is Women's Night. The interpretation of the theme is down to you. The only rule is this it has to be written by a Woman and directed by a Woman. We are looking for 4 pieces of new writing.
It will be part of the Actor Awareness partnership with Spotlight, so it is a paid opportunity, taking part in their studios in the heart of the West End.
We have an industry panel in aswell on the night to give you feedback. Last time we had 2 agents from Simon and How, award winning writer Jon Brittain, Samuel French publishers and Mixing Networks. The date of the show will be Sunday the 8th. 
We are looking for 4 shows, 15 mins long, maximum 3 actors per show plus the writer/ director, so 4 members in total for each group all under the set theme. Send all submissions to Actor Awareness new writing producer Stephanie Perry at for your submission entry. Please only attach your script, your name and a short synopsis of the piece, nothing else, we like blind casting. The deadline for scripts is on Sunday the 11th of March . Good luck guys! Any questions please let us know.